Midwest Motorcycle Team

We are committed to bringing you the the best customer service. Excellence is what differentiates a quality business from the ordinary business. Treating each customer as an individual and giving that customer our undivided attention. Taking an extra step beyond the expected. Really listening to the customer and understanding what might be behind the stated question for a product or service. An angry customer has a reason for feeling as they do and its our job to find out why and turn it around. We pride ourselves in our standard of customer service and it's consistency.

Ed "Heavy" Kastrul - Owner/Operator

Ed "Heavy" Kastrul

Phone: 386-257-6265
Christine Fourman - Office Manager

Christine Fourman

Office Manager
Phone: 386-257-6265
Tom Bayman - Master Mechanic

Tom Bayman

Master Mechanic
Phone: 386-257-6265
Chris Artura - Mechanic

Chris Artura

Phone: 386-257-6265